For broadband communications applications, EAM supplies a wide range of high-performance flexible cable assemblies based on LMR® cable from Times Microwave Systems. Available with outside diameters ranging from 0.100 through 0.600 in., these low loss, 50 ohm cable assemblies provide performance comparable to corrugated copper cables, but with the flexibility needed to simplify installation, and with lower loss and superior shielding effectiveness than similar size RG type braided cables.

EAM's LMR cable assemblies are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be supplied with a variety of constructions, including polyethylene foam dielectric in a closed-cell design, interlayer aluminum composite tape bonded to the dielectric for high shielding (better than 90 dB), tinned copper outer braid, and a wide range of outer jacket types. Triple-shielded versions are also available. The cable assemblies exhibit low insertion loss, with typical performance of 11 dB per 100 ft. at 6 GHz for a cable assembly with 0.405 in. outer diameter. They also feature low VSWR as evidenced by measured performance for a 0.600-in.-diameter, Type N assembly (see plot). EAM's LMR cable assemblies also offer high power handling capability through 6 GHz.

EAM's LMR cable assemblies can be terminated with a wide range of coaxial connectors, including Type N, TNC, UHF, and 7/16 connectors.

LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.

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VSWR: 3 ft. LMR-600 Type N (m) to Type N (m)

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