Electronic Assembly Manufacturing, Inc. is your trusted source for high quality, high performance RF and Microwave coaxial cable assemblies for commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications. In addition to offering you quick turn-around and great pricing on all your standard and custom cable assemblies, we are experienced coaxial connector and cable experts. EAM offers cable assemblies in standard and custom lengths with a wide range of connectors, including 7/16, 7/8, BNC, C, F, HN, LC, MCX, MHV, MMCX, Type N, SHV, SMA, SMP, SC, TNC, and UHF. We have not only sourced the best connectors and cable in the business for you, but we also have perfected the techniques of assembly that produce the best and most repeatable results. We support both OEM and non-OEM customers, and low to high volume requests. All major credit cards are accepted.

In-house Testing
At your request we can supply your cable assemblies with a variety of test data to support you in your installations. Electrical testing is performed on a PNA Network Analyzer with custom programs capable of producing measurement results in a variety of formats to suit a customer's needs. This test data is performed in-house and is archived in our client database for your future reference. It is a useful tool to monitor statistical data trends. Visit our Fast Quote page for more details on tests performed.

Application Support
If you're having trouble making choices or need assistance with unique applications, call us, or submit an inquiry through our application support system. We have a dedicated staff of knowledgeable technicians and engineers to help you.

Cable Options
  • Corrugated
  • Flexible
  • Hand Formable (or Conformable®)
  • LMR®
  • Low Loss
  • RG
  • Semi-rigid (and Aluminum)
  • Military / Defense
  • Radar
  • Telecommunications
  • Test and Measurement
  • RF & Microwave Communications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Broadcast
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial
  • RFID
  • Satellite Base Stations
EAM employs these cable brands and more:
Belden 1671A, 1673A, 1673J, 1673B, 1675A, 1675J, 1672A, 1672J, 1672B, RF500 & RF600 Conformable®
Commscope WBC series, WBC-100, WBC-195, WBC-200, WBC-240, WBC-300, WBC-400, WBC-500, WBC-600
EZ-Form EZ-Flex, EZ Formable, EZ-Flex 47, EZ-Flex 86, EZ-Flex 141, EZ-Flex 250, EZ-Flex 86-75
Harbour Industries SS405, SS402, LL142, LL335 SB series
Haverhill Cable H-Flex, HF 047, HF 086, HF 141, EZ Flex 405, EZ-Flex 402, EZ-Flex 401
Tensolite Semi-Flex®, Semi-Flex II®, 600 series, 601 series, 606 series, 617 series, 618 series, Q-Flex®, 461 series, 463 series, Low Loss Workhorse Series, 504 cable, 301 cable
Thermax 670-141Y
Times Microwave Systems T-Flex®, TFlex-405, T-Flex 402, T-Flex 401, StripFlex, SF-316, SF-142, SF-304, SF-214, SF-393, StripFlex II, SFT, SFT-316, SFT-142, SFT-205, SFT-304, SFT-393, SFT-226, SFT-600, LMR®

Only qualified suppliers of Mil-C-17 cable are used for military and defense applications.

Customer specified cables can also be ordered and kept in stock for just-in-time delivery.

  Our modern facility includes the most advanced tools and devices for creating high quality RF cable assemblies.

This is our partial equipment list:
• Anritsu MS4647A VNA
10MHz - 70GHz
• Anritsu MS46122B VNA
1MHz - 43.5GHz
• Induction soldering stations
• Schleuniger OC3950
• Schleuniger Jumbo Cutter
• Schleuniger PreFeeder 2000
• Schleuniger MP 257 coax cable
• Schleuniger  5400 coax cable
• Schleuniger 8015 coax cable
• Schleuniger SR1000 semi-rigid
• Schleuniger SW3000 semi-rigid
cable cutter
• Schleuniger CP1250 coiling pan
• SumiMark II shrinkable tubing
• Temperature controlled tinning
• Daniels pneumatic crimpers
• DWV testing
• Zebra label maker with bar
coding capabilities
• Microscope with video imaging
• Interface gauges
• Pin gauges & drop indicators

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Conformable is a registered trademark of Belden, Inc.
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