EAM's corrugated cable assemblies are ideal for applications up to 18 GHz that require high performance and durability. These high-quality cable assemblies come in standard diameters of 0.250, 0.375, and 0.500 in. The 50 ohm corrugated cable is constructed with foam dielectric core, copper-clad aluminum wire, a solid aluminum tube, and a tough outer polyethylene jacket. The solid inner and outer conductors help minimize intermodulation distortion (IMD) in communications applications, while the solid outer conductor delivers continuous EMI/RFI shielding to minimize the effects of interference on system performance.

EAM's corrugated cable assemblies minimize attenuation in order to provide high power-handling capability. For example, a 0.5-in.-diameter corrugated cable assembly exhibits attenuation of only 2.2 dB/100 ft. at 1 GHz and only about 4 dB/100 ft. at 3 GHz. As a result of the low loss, it can handle about 1 kW average power at 1 GHz and 0.565 kW average power at 3 GHz.

EAM's corrugated cable assemblies can be terminated with a wide range of connector choices, including SMA, 7/16, Type N, TNC, and UHF connectors.


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